Since 1993 graphically in action.... started with hands, pencil, scissor and glue and a desktop with no personal computer.

Workin' as Freelancer, in agencies as well as in record and distribution companies. Startin' with electro-event flyer, doin' posters, shirt-designs - then goin' up to band-photographs, band-logos, whole artworks for every kind of physical products. To scratch a note: end of 90s subscribing free art at university ... 

But it wasn't fullfilling, so quitting and going back to work for bands and other projects related to entertainment and music biz. For the love of music, for the love of art ... combining sounds into pictures.

Let's call it smalltown graphics with a tiny natural handmade touch for all kinds of musical styles. Collaborations during all these years with bands and artists ... like U.D.O., Debauchery, Brainpeaches, Babylon Will Fall, Sometree, Evergrey, Brothers Of Metal, Danzig, Filter, Hate Squad, The Wakes, Headhunter, The Exploding Boy, Voodoo Circle, Doro, Sinner, Fear Factory, Lake Of Tears, Jorn, Masterplan, Schattenmann, Dirkschneider, I'll Be Damned, Candice Night, Snowy White, Ledfoot, Kavrila, Linie, Miami Golem, Theatre Of Tragedy, Archive, Rose Hill Drive, Black Messiah, And One, Stahlmann, Blackmore's Night, Sturch, King Fear, Dezperadoz, Iron Savior, Tankard, Oz, Lyriel, Blumio, Sunshine, Helstar, Ross The Boss, Emil Bulls, Orden Ogan, Ektomorf, Destruction,   .... just to name a few.

Also delivering graphic goods for labels, managements, promotion agencies, local organizer, private persons like AFM Records, Violent Creek, The Organisation, Skip Records, Sistina Records, Frontiers, Swell Creek Records, Ferryhouse, Oktober Promotion, Ram It Down Records, Artist Station, Testimony Records, Bad Kingdom, Cube Music, Quality Steel Records and of course some more.

Developing front-cover, layouts and whole artworks, including all kind of things are needed for production, merch-goods and other stuff for stage action, etc. pp.

Enough said ... let the pictures do the talkin'.